Smart Cities Project

Circular Food Economy

The SEED is working with the city and its partners on an exciting new project and national initiative called Smart Cities. The vision is for Guelph to become Canada’s First Circular Food Economy, a community where we develop an innovative approach to:

  1. Increase access to affordable, nutritious food
  2. Create new circular businesses and collaborations<
  3. Develop creative ways to get value out of what we currently define as “food waste”

The City of Guelph has been shortlisted along with nine other communities across Canada to be eligible to win a $10,000,000 grant to support this vision. There are many local organizations involved in developing Guelph’s Circular Food Economy concept, from local food businesses to community not-for-profits to universities and farm organizations.

The SEED’s role in this broad collaboration is to ensure that food security remains top of the agenda for Guelph’s SMART Cities project. We believe that Guelph can be the first community in Canada where there are no barriers to healthy food. Food justice is an essential ingredient of the Circular Food Economy.

More to come!