Garden Fresh Box

*Please Note*

We have had to make the difficult decision to suspend the Garden Fresh Box temporarily due to the Covid-19 Crisis; however, we are committed to finding safe, alternative ways to getting fresh produce out to you, our community. Please check back here and on our social media for updates.

The Garden Fresh Box is a good food box program designed to increase physical and financial access to healthy food in Guelph. The boxes are filled with produce and go out to our 17 different pick up locations once per month.
For $15 (small box) or $20 (large box), you can get $22-$30 retail value of produce in your box, and our multiple locations throughout the city make it easier to take them home.

For more details about our locations and dates, you can visit

Large Box

$20 for a large

Small Box

$15 for a large
Order/Pickup locations can be found here


Tom Armitage
Garden Fresh Box Co-ordinator
519-821-6638 x 344
[email protected]