What Is The SEED?

The SEED is a not-for-profit food project at the Guelph Community Health Centre that was created in 2015 by a coalition of community organizations and individuals.

The problem we are tackling – and the solutions we believe in

Over 20,000 people in Guelph and Wellington County can’t afford healthy food.

Our goal is to make Guelph- Wellington the first community in Canada to eradicate food insecurity by:

Delivering food programs that build food literacy and increase access to good food.

Operating social enterprises that increase good food access, train and employ youth, and generate revenue that is re-invested in achieving our Mission/Vision.

Working with community members and partner organizations to make good things happen.

Advocating for systems-change and effective food policies.


The SEED delivers community programs and operates social enterprises that address the causes and effects of food insecurity.

We are working towards a community with no barriers to healthy food.

We value

Food Justice:   Access to healthy food is a basic human rights.

Community food programs and social enterprise:  Vehicles for empowering people to be agents of change.

Diversity:  Solutions come from diverse voices, experiences and input.

Grassroots community leadership. There are food leaders in every corner of Guelph and Wellington.

Our Team

The SEED is expanding! To find out about job opportunities as the arise please keep and eye on the Guelph Community Health Centre jobs posting page or sign up for our mailing list.

Tom Armitage

Social Enterprise Development Coordinator

[email protected]

519-821-6638 x344

Madeline Barber

Community Resources Coordinator

[email protected]

519-821-6638 x319

Angela Picot

Food Literacy Coordinator

[email protected]

519-821-6638 x388

Kari Badgerow

Good Food Distribution Coordinator

[email protected]

519-821-6638 x379

Riley Goltz

Good Food Distribution Assistant

[email protected]

Nicole Leighton

Packing Coordinator

[email protected]

Shearin Fahandazh

Customer Service Coordinator

[email protected]

Omelnisaa Giddam

Shelldale Farm Park Coordinator

[email protected]

Angie Ferreira

Home Delivery Coordinator

[email protected]

Abby Richter

Fresh Food Rx Coordinator

[email protected]

Ingrid Von Cube

Kitchen Lead

Stuart Cooke

Kitchen Lead

[email protected]

Erika Mizutani

Home Delivery Program Assistant