The SEED is a community food project of the Guelph Community Health Centre. The SEED’s mission is to use the power of food to build healthy communities and address the underlying issues of food insecurity and poverty in Guelph. There are three pillars to our work, Food Access, Food Literacy, and Outreach and Advocacy.

The SEED offers a diverse selection of programs and services that Increase Healthy Food Access for low income community members.

The SEED offers a diverse selection of programs and services that Increase Food Literacy for all community members with an emphasis on benefiting low-income community members.

The SEED works to support the implementation of Healthy Food Policies that reflect a systems-based approach to ending food insecurity in Guelph

We are currently updating our site to provide you with up to the minute, exciting news and developments surrounding The SEED! Feel free to explore the site as we continue to update with new content.