Advocacy is a vital part of all of our community food programs and services. We believe that grassroots action empowers people with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to share and develop long term solutions to food insecurity in our community. Advocacy and policy change is woven into everything we do – the decisions we make, the relationships we foster, the conversations we take part in, and the knowledge we share. We are constantly striving to improve the food system for all people.
Here are some policy related resources that might interested you:

  • The SEED’s response to the provincial government’s food strategy policy discussion paper
  • We attended a town hall meeting in September 2017 with Guelph’s MP Lloyd Longfield to advocate for better food accessibility as a part of the National Food Policy for Canada. If you would like to learn more about this policy, you can do so here
  • In April 2018, we spoke at another town hall meeting with MP Lloyd Longfield about food and health, and the importance of community involvement on the ground in improving food security. You can read more about that meeting here

Foundational Documents

The SEED was born out of collaboration and research in the Guelph community. Following reports from some of our partners, the SEED was created to try to address some of the needs that Guelph currently faces. If you would like to read the reports and documents that led to our existence, or learn more about the current situation of food insecurity in Guelph, you can find them here.