Good Food Distribution

Community Food Warehouse

Our Community Food Warehouse is located on Huron St. close to downtown. This is where we receive deliveries and keep produce fresh for our programs in our 1500 sq ft cooler and 750 sq ft freezer!

We partner with the Emergency Food Providers of Guelph, offering lower prices than wholesale distributors so that they can stretch their limited budgets.

Each neighbourhood in Guelph is unique, and the organizations that service these neighbourhoods know them the best. We partner with them to help maximize the good food they can have on their shelves, and reinforce the good work being done already. We also distribute to schools in Guelph and Wellington County, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the needs of their healthy lunch/snack programs for elementary school children. We work with Food & Friends of the Children’s Foundation to ensure we are offering a high quality service that decreases the amount of time spent shopping, decreases the cost of fruits and veggies, and increases the amount and quality of food that children are able to eat.


We are accepting many different types of food donations to distribute to partners and directly to community members. If you are a business/organization with a large food donation, you can reach out directly to us!

We are a proud Food rescuing agency! Learn more about them and how you can get involved here.


Kari Badgerow
Good Food Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]
519-821-6638 x379